Cybersecurity workforce: IU is the place to start

Indiana University offers unique opportunities for professionals and students interested in cybersecurity careers. With organizations such as the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR), OmniSOC, IU's GlobalNOC, UITS Information Security, REN-ISAC, CyberCorps, and many others, IU offers opportunities in cybersecurity workforce that simply are not available elsewhere.

There are many benefits to working at Indiana University, especially in the cybersecurity community. With a combined 80+ years of success within IU, the cybersecurity community doesn't discriminate, offers amazing benefits, supports professional development, makes real-world impact, and is constantly offering challenging and exciting opportunities to learn and take on new roles. 

Getting started with a career in cybersecurity


Cybersecurity professionals are in demand

A career in cybersecurity can be rewarding and challenging, and can contribute to the greater good of society—all great reasons to consider exploring opportunities in this rapidly growing field. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is great. In May 2021, a CNN article reported over 31 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally.

If you are new to cybersecurity and not sure where to start, consider exploring these commonly asked questions below:

You can find great overviews of the field at the links below:

IU offers internal and external internships.

Internal internships

In an internal internship, individuals intern either in support of an IU cybersecurity operational service or organization (like OmniSOC or UITS Information Security)  or in support of a grant-funded academic or research project.  All are valuable experiences. 

A great place to start your search for an internal internship IU’s Career Development Center. But don’t stop there!  Research more deeply by checking department and organization websites. Here are a few to start:

No two internships will be the same because the work varies based on the current projects. Internships might be short-term commitments that last several weeks, or they might be long-term commitments that can last an entire year.

External internships

External internships are opportunities with organizations outside IU, either in the public sector (such as the State of Indiana) or private sector, such as Cook Medical, Lilly, or others. IU’s central resource for external internships--along with many other opportunities-- is Handshake

CACR and OmniSOC internships are IU internal internships. And each year, CACR has a limited number of opportunities available. We strongly suggest you read through the CACR website to identify projects that interest you.  

The OmniSOC internship seminar series is a great place to explore your interest in threat hunting while learning from the #1 higher education threat hunting team in the country. 

Here’s a secret: internships are competitive.  You need to put your best foot forward. Most internships (and other opportunities) require at least a cover letter, resume, and sometimes a link to your portfolio of work.  The better those present you, the greater your chances of getting an interview and the internship you want. 

Preparing these materials and interviewing are skills.  Here are some resources to help you make your best case:

IU is a leader in educating the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, and provides multiple avenues of study for those interested in cybersecurity. For more information, visit